New to Church?


What should I expect?

In our congregation we try to make the awesome things of God accessible and welcoming to all. It's not important to know when to stand or sit. You don't need to sing in tune or know what to say when. We don’t ask you to join in giving money to our church, this is for people who come regularly.

During church we will sing (feel free to join in or just listen along); we will pray (again, feel free to join in or just listen along); read the Bible and have it explained during a sermon which unpacks the amazing relevance of all that God has given in these amazing scriptures.


Babies and children are very welcome. At this stage we don't have a kids program, but there is a play area with toys at the rear of church if they want to play or move about.

Please don't worry if your children make noise or sing loudly or giggle during the service. We love having children (and the noise they make) in church.

What to wear

What you are comfortable in! If boots n jeans are you, wear that. If shorts and boat shoes are you, then thats perfect. If you feel better 'dressed up', spot on. Come as you are.


At the end of our meeting, we meet in the church hall for a tea or coffee and we'd love you to join us.