We are a vibrant, growing and welcoming church whose desire is to focus on the life changing message of Jesus from the Bible.

We are made up of people who have found solid hope by connecting with God through Jesus.

Church Services

St Andrews Church60 Dowling Street Dungog at 9am Sunday

St David's Presbyterian Church, Marshall St, Clarence Town at 11am Sunday

St James Presbyterian Church, Erin St, Stroud at 2pm on the 3rd Sunday

Lara Aged Care, Dungog at 2pm on the 4th Thursday of the month


Telephone Numbers

If you have a a question or want to know something, please call or fill out the form below.

Minister Ben Smith Tel. 0432 546 913

Church Clerk Jeff Hetherington Tel. 4992 3436

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Men's Katoomba Convention


Grab some blokes from your church or Bible study group and spend the weekend in the Blue Mountains being challenged by God's Word. It's a great time to get away from your busy life and recharge! 


Women of Truth


When: last Saturday in May annually

This is a great day to relax, grow, be challenged and spend time learning with women who face the same things you do. Women Of Truth aims to equip, grow and encourage women to live for Christ as we await his return.


Hunter Men's Convention


Hunter Men's Convention is a non denominational one day convention designed to equip and encourage Christian men to be the husbands, fathers, and citizens that God intends them to be.

The admission price includes morning tea and lunch.

Hunter Men's Convention is organised by Hunter Gospel Ministries, a co-operative backed by several evangelical churches in Newcastle including Hunter Bible Church, Charlestown Presbyterian Church and Grace Evangelical Church.


Hunter Gospel Ministries Preachers and Bible Teachers Workshop


The workshop is open to pastors, church workers and those involved in bible teaching. Women who are in Bible teaching ministries are very welcome to join.

Running since 2002, the Hunter Gospel Ministries preacher’s and Bible teachers’ workshop is a great opportunity to become more skilled in the use of one of God’s powerful weapons.

This workshop is held over two days to give adequate time to exploring the particular issues; theological and practical, of preaching on the topic. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling for both days.